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Fancy Dresser! (Sew Magazine)

Meet Jennifer Rouch, a talented stitcher who makes amazing costumes for her five-year-old daughter Lane! Lane Rouch may only be five years old but she is already something of an internet sensation, thanks to the fabulous costumes that her mum Jennifer has been sewing for her over the last few years! Many of the outfits are Disney-themed and the Rouch family has annual passes to Walt Disney World in Florida, allowing them to visit regularly with Lane wearing one of Jennifer’s fantastic creations. This has made Lane very popular with the park’s cast members – and with the many people who view her parents’ photos of her on Instagram! Read more.

Florida Mom Creates Incredible Disney-Themed Costumes For Her Daughter (Huffington Post)

Florida parents Chad and Jennifer Rouch love all things Disney. As Jennifer told The Huffington Post in an email, they’re such “Disnerds” that they got engaged during a Christmas party at Disney World, and once or twice a week, they make the 30-minute drive to the Orlando park with their Disney-loving daughter Lane (courtesy of their annual passes). Read more.

Little princess: Mom’s hand-made Disney costumes help shy girl blossom (Today)

What do upcycled prom dresses, vintage Bambi curtains and a little bit of Disney magic have in common? They are a few of the materials Florida mom Jennifer Rouch used to create a wardrobe of Disney costumes to help her 3-year-old daughter Lane overcome her battle with shyness. Read more.


When most toddlers feel a little shy, their parents will enroll them in a play group, or make them join a kiddie soccer team. And when most toddlers visit Disney World, they wear store-bought costumes and “Frozen” t-shirts from the discount aisle. Read more.

Florida mom makes costumes for her daughter to wear to Disney … and they’re adorable (Orlando Weekly)

Some families are able to just GO to Disney World. You know, hop in the car wearing whatever you have on and ride some rides, eat some overpriced food and head home. Others need to do a little bit more preparation. Read more.

This 3-Year-Old Girl Wears Disney Princess Costumes to Help Combat Her Battle With Shyness (E! News)

Little Lane Rouch doesn’t need a fairy godmother for her wardrobe transformation. Thanks to her mother, Jennifer Rouch, the adorable 3-year-old has worn costumes modeled after her favorite Disney characters from CinderellaFrozenThe Princess and the FrogSleeping BeautyTarzan and more movies. Read more.

You Have to See The Amazing Disney Dresses One Mom Makes For Her Little Girl (Redbook)

To say that parents Jennifer and Chad Rouche love Disney would be a massive understatement. According to the Huffington Post, the Florida-based couple are such self-proclaimed “Disnerds” that they got engaged at a Christmas party at Disney World, and bought annual passes to the theme park so that they could go at least once a week with their 3-year old daughter, Lane. Read more.

This 3-Year-Old Has the Best Disney Princess Costumes Ever (Cosmopolitan)

Jennifer Rouch love Disney and so does her 3-year-old daughter, Lane. That’s why these two have combined their superpowers (Jennifer’s is sewing and Lane’s is looking adorable) to create so many amazing Disney-inspired looks that it defies the laws of physics (as pertaining to cuteness. That’s Science.) Read more.


A little girl has been turning heads at Walt Disney World in Florida the past few months, due to her incredible costumes based on the Disney princesses’ gown and uniforms of park employees. Three-year-old Lane’s intricate ensembles come courtesy of her mom, Jennifer Rouch. Read More.

This 3-year-old is Instagram’s tiniest Disney cosplayer (Tech Insider)

Three-year-old Lane Rouch is Instagram’s tiniest cosplayer. Cosplaying is the practice of designing and wearing costumes based on characters from books, movies, and television shows. For Lane, this means dressing up as her favorite Disney characters, with a little help from her mom’s sewing machine. Read more.

The ultimate Disney princess! Three-year-old who goes to the park twice a week and wears a different costume EVERY time (Daily Mail)

A three-year-old is giving the performers at Disney a run for their money thanks to an impressive wardrobe of homemade costumes designed for her by her mother using ‘upcycled’ old clothes and material. Read more.


Lane Rouch may be the best dressed girl at Disney World even though she’s only 3 years old. Cinderella, Honey Lemon, Belle, Snow White – she’s dressed as all those Disney characters and many, many more. Read more.

Mom Sews Incredibly Accurate Disney Costumes For Her Daughter To Wear At Disney World (Bored Panda)

Three-year-old Lane Rouch from Florida is an unofficial star attraction whenever she shows up at Orlando Disney World thanks to her incredible Disney-like costumes, which make her look like she sprung out of one of Disney’s fantasy worlds. Read more.

In Defense Of Disney Princesses (Refinery29)

“You kind of assume that those who are interested [in fairy tales] are a certain age and a certain sex, but I’ve met people — single guys in their 30s, older couples in their 70s, couples without children — and they all react to these characters,” says Jennifer Rouch, a 39-year-old mother who has wowed the internet with her Disney costumes for her daughter. Read more.