Me and Mommy’s Story

Mommy adopted sewing as one of her passions long before Lane came along. While she was still in her teens, her future father-in-law showed her the basics of how to run a sewing machine, which he had learned from reupholstering furniture. She basically learned how to thread it and how to run a straight stitch – that was about it.

A good friend’s mother then gifted her with an avocado green Singer sewing machine that was probably older than Mommy herself. But that’s all she needed to be happy.

Her “formal” education as a seamstress comes from working for a Maitland fabric store, The Sewing Studio. There, she hungrily sopped up knowledge and learned many techniques from the other seamstresses who worked there.

Inspired by the wonderful costumes in her favorite movies, Mommy got into cosplay, both for herself and for others.

Sixteen years into their marriage, Mommy and Daddy finally decided to have a baby – they were having so much fun as just a couple, time nearly got away from them – and Lane was born on October 5, 2011. She was named after Mommy’s favorite comic book character , Lois Lane.

Lane’s first costume was created for her before she was even born. With her impending due date so close to Halloween, Mommy made her a little Harley Quinn outfit. More costumes and dresses followed regularly, including a mermaid tail and many little dresses made from bed sheets.

Lane’s first visit to Walt Disney World was on her first birthday. The very first Disney Princess she had the pleasure of meeting was Princess Aurora in Town Square of the Magic Kingdom. That was also the first day Lane rode “It’s a Small World,”, the first of many voyages.

Six months later, emboldened by a bonus at work, Daddy and Mommy purchased annual passes to Walt Disney World, allowing them access to all four parks whenever they wished for a small monthly fee. That also meant that Mommy had any occasion to create a costume for Lane, and she didn’t hesitate to take advantage of the situation.

At first, it was cast members who began to take notice of the little girl happily charging around the park in costumes based on Disney movies. They began to reach out to Mommy on social media, eager to make friends. And then, like social media has a way of doing, it just grew from there (as has Lane’s closet).